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Making a game accessible for everyone is probably one of the most complex tasks in game design. This is even more apparent when a game revolves around programming, a skillset usually associated with a steep learning curve. …

Great news, Codyfighters!

We’re excited to announce that Codyfight is having a strategic partnership with xHashtag. It is always great to make new friends on your journey, and having a collaboration with xHashtag will make Codyfight robots’ adventure much more enjoyable.

xHashtag: A DAO for #FutureOfWork

xHashtag is a Solana-based, Play2Earn DAO for Future Of…

AI or Human: Innovative gameplay modes

import articles from ‘codyfight’

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AI is rising rapidly, encouraging human beings to become more productive and live a good life. Of course, AI will soon surpass humans in many categories, but we are the ones who determine the AI…

import articles from ‘codyfight’

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Video games are one of the fastest-growing mediums we have ever seen in recent years. It has surpassed movies and music in terms of revenue and nearly 3 billion people have played video games. …

import articles from ‘codyfight’

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The video game industry lacks the fun and creative freedom that talented and tech-savvy people need. In particular, turn-based video games (e.g., card battles, JRPGs) require players to invest a lot of time. …

Competitive Arena is a living & beating heart of the Codyfight platform. It’s the place where the majority of exciting “action” takes place. It functions as an adrenaline-fueled engine that boosts the entire Codyfight ecosystem.

The game itself functions as an online turn-based strategy with one-on-one battles and a focus…

Welcome to the future of gaming!

This is the place where everyone can play a fun, immersive game, program their AI bots to match against other players (or their bots!), make important decisions about the game, and earn some moolah while doing all this.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves — let’s start from the top…


Blockchain-powered P2E AI vs. human competition metaverse where you can develop AI bots, own tradable NFT skins and compete against others https://codyfight.com

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