Pre-Season Triumphs: Celebrating Our Milestones and Achievements

3 min readOct 18, 2023


We are overjoyed to share the thrilling news of our pre-season victories with you. We have been working hard and are excited to share the highlights.

Alpha Test — Pre-Season Campaign Launch

Our journey commenced with a resounding pre-season campaign launch that witnessed a flurry of activity. We activated 300+ collaborations, conducted more than 100+ Ask-Me-Anything sessions, and welcomed 5,000+ new registrations. These milestones were achieved thanks to your incredible support.

Game loop of Codyfight

Feedback Loop and Live Ops Setup

We value your input dearly. We’ve amassed about 200+ feedback responses and more than 300+ in-game reports, reflecting the active participation of our gaming community. Moreover, our Daily Active Users (DAU) to Weekly Active Users (WAU) ratio has surged by 50%, underscoring your loyalty.

Player Onboarding and Dashboard Improvements

In an ongoing commitment to enhancing the user experience, we’ve gathered and taken into account players feedback on Codyfight. As we charted a course toward smoother navigation, we’ve completely revamped and restructured both our website and dashboard, creating a more straight-forward and engaging environment.

What does Codyfight’s community say

Competitive League & Game Economy Testing

Our competitive spirit burns brighter than ever. We owe a debt of gratitude to you, the devoted gamers, for 300 players achieving Gold rank or higher and over 100,000 competitive games played.

Codyfighters Pre-Season Collection Implementation

The pre-season collection of Codyfighters has grown in diversity. It now boasts seven classes and four rarities, with a total of 35 native skill sets implemented.

Learnable Skill Tree, Codyfighters Rarity Missions & Player Missions Release

The adventure continues with missions unlocked for your enjoyment. Brace yourselves for challenges—unlock new skills, upgrade Codyfighter rarity, complete daily missions, and reap the rewards!

In-Game Shop Release for In-Game Assets

As of September 13th, the in-game shop has officially opened its doors, featuring an array of offerings including Codyfighters, Ckeys, and Operators. This exciting development provides a unique opportunity for everyone to explore different character classes, acquire Codyfighters with higher rarities, and enhance gameplay by recruiting multiple operators.

AI Bots building, teaching and scaling

Players have added a distinctive dimension to our pre-season experience by not only immersing themselves in the game but also delving into the intricacies of AI development. Codyfight stands as the pioneering game for tech-savvy individuals to unleash their creativity and compete through coding! It has been nothing short of fascinating to witness our community members building and training their own AI bots, ready to take on the challenges of the Codyfight universe.

Faction System Release

The Faction System, a community league where factions compete among themselves, is well underway. One faction with internal matchmaking and a leaderboard has a place for 64 players. It has been inspired by the huge Guild Wars event and the need for collaborative gameplay. We are committed to building a game for the masses.

Stability and Performance Boost, Scalability

For our tech-savvy gamers, our servers are now equipped to accommodate 3,000 daily active users, guaranteeing a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience with improved stability and performance.

In conclusion, our pre-season journey has been one of extraordinary triumphs, and we have you, our dedicated gaming community, to thank for these remarkable achievements. We are proud to have you on board. The future holds even greater promise, and we are eager to embark on more epic adventures together.

The future of gaming has never looked brighter! Join us today and become a part of shaping the future of Codyfight. Let’s build it together!