What To Do In Codyfight: Injecting Fun Into Crypto Gaming

5 min readMay 3, 2024


In the crypto space, most games try (and often fail) to emulate their AAA brethren. While some promise next-gen graphics or a story-driven experience, the majority of crypto developers focus strictly on monetary possibilities.

Although playing Codyfight will allow you to earn some valuable crypto assets and enjoy a unique graphical style (and well-developed lore), our main focus is the gameplay.

Codyfight gameplay

As avid gamers, members of our team recognize the importance of an engaging gameplay loop. We believe a successful P2E metaverse game lives and dies by its game design, which is why we built ours with gameplay and the fun factor as the main design principle.

Not to brag, but we succeeded — as casual Codyfight players will attest to. This game is guaranteed to bring you hours upon hours of tight strategic mechanics characterized by a variety of options on how you can enjoy the experience.

Here’s a breakdown of just a few of Codyfight’s core activities:

1. Upgrade your Codyfighter through gameplay

The most addictive aspect of this game is updating your battle-ready robot — Codyfighter.

There are five levels of rarity in Codyfight, each with its set of native skills updated as you level up:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythic

In a true RPG fashion, you can play missions designed around updating your Codyfighter and boosting its fighting capability. These action-packed matches are no walk in the park and there are no shortcuts either — upgrading to the highest rarity is something only the most patient players can achieve.

At the moment, there are 32 rarity missions. Combine this with other game modes and activities and Codyfight will keep you engaged for a long time, even if you’re hard to please.

In addition to rarity, your Codyfighters also have learnable skills that can be unlocked by completing dedicated learnable skill missions, providing you with an extra level of strategic decision-making.

Once you fully upgrade one “mean machine”, you can keep it to improve your chances in competitive matches or sell it to another player.

This is just one example of how gameplay and crypto aspects in the game are tightly integrated.

2. Enter action-packed battles against other players, NPCs, and AI bots

At heart, Codyfight is a deep strategy game where you control a character in a 2D dynamic rectangular tilemap (similar to chess, but with a modern spin). Your goal is to win the most points by performing certain actions, such as navigating out of the map via the exit gate first, interacting with the opponent or the NPCs, and leveraging your Codyfighter’s unique skillset.

This seems like a simple concept, but once you dig deeper, winning at Codyfight is a game of wits and quick thinking.

Each player has only 25 moves per round to execute their strategy, there are environmental effects in the form of NPC agents who can either help you or impede your progress, and both you and your opponent have different special skills.

All of this ensures no match is the same and you’ll always have to switch up your plan if you want to win.

Plus, you’ll also face AI bots programmed by other community members — a true man vs. machine kind of deal.

3. Earn valuable rewards in competitive play

Even though playing casually is an entertaining experience, the action is dialed to 11 once you enter into various competitive modes to earn $CTOK rewards.

Participating in these so-called League games allows players to be matched with others based on their rank.

Players can enter tournaments and championships where they can earn assets, including $CTOK (the native token), CKeys, or Codyfighters themselves.

4. Create an AI bot to fight the game for you

If you’re tired of playing manually, you can program AI bots to fight on your behalf. With AI bot farms, those with coding skills (any programming language and framework will allow you to achieve results) can build their own robot farms and have them fight for rewards in an unlimited number of leagues.

Basically, this removes the dreaded grinding process from the game and allows you to automate the most repetitive aspect of the overall gaming experience, while at the same time providing you with the opportunity to earn passive income.

5. Climb ranks to enhance your rewards

Another layer to the overall strategy in Codyfight is the ranking system.

When you enter into competitive matches, you need to stake $CTOK to enter the battle. If victorious, you’ll receive a part of the stake with the amount you receive being based on your rank.

There are 11 ranks and only the highest-ranked players receive the total stakes in the match.

For instance, if both players stake two $CTOK tokens, the highest-ranking player will receive both for his victory. On the other hand, someone with the 10th rank will receive 90% of the stakes. The remaining amount goes into the community pool to reward F2P players participating in challenges.

6. Unwind by challenging your friends

Not everything is about competition in this game. Sometimes, after a long day at work (or a long day participating in challenging League matches), you should take time to relax and play the game casually.

Better yet, Codyfihgt can be a fun bonding experience as it has the option of challenging your friends in a few rounds. Similarly, you can also see how your coding skills stack up against your friends with an informal coding challenge.

Enter a world full of possibilities

Through its immersive strategic gameplay with a strong focus on a variety of competitive modes and styles of play, Codyfight offers you a world full of possibilities.

It can be anything you want it to be: a fun game you can use to test your brainpower, an experience where you’ll fight the best players in the community for valuable prizes, or a place where you can improve and monetize your coding skills.

Enter the battle now!