Maximizing Your Codyfight In-Game Resources

4 min readOct 24, 2023


Calling all gamers who crave a unique blend of strategy, competition, and AI-powered excitement — Codyfight is your ticket to a world where your goal is to outscore your opponent in a thrilling arena. But before you dive into this captivating game, let’s uncover the key in-game assets that will help you become a true champion.

In-Game Assets: Codyfighters, CKeys, CTickets, CCoins

To master Codyfight, you need to understand its in-game assets: Codyfighters, CKeys, CTickets, and CCoins. These are the building blocks of your success in this dynamic game.


Codyfighters: Your In-Game Heroes

Codyfighters are more than just your game characters; they are valuable assets that you’ll be able to trade within the Codyfight community. You can own multiple Codyfighters, obtained from the official Codyfight shop.

Each Codyfighter comes with unique abilities, both native and learnable. For example, an engineer class Codyfighter can “build” new map tiles to block enemies, while “overheat” can be unlocked as you progress to disrupt opponents. You can manage your Codyfighters in the Launchpad, making repairs or pairing them with new operators for different leagues.

CKeys: Connecting Codyfighters and Operators

CKeys bridge the gap between your Codyfighters and Operators. You can buy, rent, or earn them through achievements. Having multiple CKeys allows you to create AI bot farms, form guilds, and maximize rewards.

There are three types of CKeys:

  1. Permanent: Given to every player upon registration.
  2. Temporary: For demonstration purposes only and not owned by any player.
  3. Subscription: Allows control of multiple robots simultaneously.

Each active CKey gives you daily free passes, which can be used up to a certain rank. Acquiring a second CKey or full ownership may involve reaching specific in-game milestones.

CTickets: Your Entry to Competitive Play

CTickets serve as entry fees for competitive game modes like leagues, tournaments, and championships. The number required varies based on your rank and the event’s scale. You can acquire CTickets from the Codyfight’s official shop, or as rewards.

You also receive daily entry passes, which determine the number of battles you can join in low-rank competitive modes.

CCoins: The Game’s Currency

CCoins are the primary currency in Codyfight. They’re used for repairing your Codyfighters, participating in governance decisions, and purchasing other in-game assets. CCoins will also be converted into blockchain currency and are rewards for gamers excelling in tournaments or contributing to the community.

Codyfight Game Economy

To kick off your gaming journey, you’ll require a CKey, a Codyfighter, and an Operator, which can also be referred to as a Pilot. The good news is, these initial essentials come for free! However, as you delve deeper into the game and seek to enhance your experience through automation, you’ll find that having more of these assets becomes increasingly valuable. But, let’s keep it simple for now — start by owning at least one of each and get ready for some thrilling gameplay!

Codyfight’s economic system revolves around daily entry passes and the transition from CTickets to CCoins. Daily entry passes are free and grant access to Llama’s Maze competitive mode. Winning battles in this mode rewards you with CTickets, which you can use to unlock higher competitive ranks. Once you reach the 5th rank, you’ll receive CCoins instead of CTickets, making it the primary currency for repairs and purchases.

Codyfight game economy — how assets flow


Codyfight offers an immersive world of strategy and competition. To thrive, you must master its in-game assets: Codyfighters, CKeys, CTickets, and CCoins. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer, these assets are crucial to your success in the game. Codyfight has something for everyone, promising an engaging and immersive gaming experience. So, gear up, strategize, and seize the arena, where every asset plays a crucial role in your journey to victory!

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