Codyfight: Everything You Need To Know

7 min readApr 4, 2024


There are plenty of gamers out there with an itch for crypto assets. The prospect of having fun while also making financial gains is tough to ignore, but there’s one problem — lack of gameplay depth.

What if we told you there’s a rapidly growing project in its alpha phase that combines a strategic gameplay loop, crypto assets, and AI integrated smoothly into the gameplay itself?

Well, we just described Codyfight, a free2play game poised to take the industry by storm through its revolutionary AI-powered ecosystem.

What is Codyfight?

Codyfight is a highly competitive turn-based strategy sporting a deep gameplay loop that allows you to test your wits in battle against other players or AI-controlled NPCs.

In addition to engaging gameplay, Codyfight has a unique feature that allows players to develop bots using various programming languages. These bots can enter matches automatically and earn rewards on the player’s behalf.

The fun doesn’t end there, though. Along with competitive fighting, players can look forward to beating various challenges and mini-games to earn valuable rewards, making Codyfight a fun and engaging gaming experience through and through.

Best of all, Codyfight is completely free and inclusive. To start playing, you need to choose a Codyfighter (currently, seven classes of robots are available). How cool is that?

Experience a truly unique gameplay loop

The annoying thing about most games is that they lock you into a particular approach.

With Codyfight, you can carve any path you wish. If you prefer being in the driver’s seat and want to test your skills, you can control the game manually (with clicks on your mouse. On the other hand, you can also deploy an AI bot that will play the game for you if you have coding experience.

This makes the gameplay loop completely unique and eliminates the hassle of grinding away for hours to earn in-game assets that so many games are guilty of these days. Plus, building AI autonomous farms provides a unique earning opportunity for the craftiest players in the community.

Codyfight In Game Assets

There are four main assets Codyfight revolves around:

  • Codyfighter: the main characters you control that come with base skills. You can upgrade your Codyfighter with learnable skills unlocked through winning battles or ranking up.
  • $CTOK: the native Codyfight governance token used for repairing Codyfighters, hiring Pilots, entering the competitive league, and buying other in-game assets. It not only represents a valuable asset awarded through competitive gameplay, but it also provides players with voting power in regard to the direction of the game.
  • CKey: an asset allowing players and AI bots to connect Codyfighters and Pilots. While it can be earned in-game, CKey can also be purchased. Owning multiple CKeys is the key to success (no pun intended) as it grants players the options to form guilds, use AI bot farms, and ultimately, earn more rewards.

While Codyfight can be played casually by anyone for free, those looking for a more serious gaming experience can compete in leagues, each with its game elements, ranking systems, and rules. To access these matches, players must pay a $CTOK entry fee.

In contrast to static games (each game of chess is pretty much the same, for example), the metagame of Codyfight is ever-evolving, and players will always be on the edge of their seats, using their logical skills to win fights in a shifting gaming environment.

For instance, Special Agents are AI creatures that can randomly enter the match, impeding your strategy or helping you snag a win at the last moment. No match will progress the same, so even the most adept gamers will always have to adjust their usual strategy to overcome distinct gameplay challenges and ever-changing maps (environments).

In a true free2play fashion, you can also purchase additional Codyfighters and CKeys through the official shop (or you will be able to buy them later from fellow players in the marketplace using a $CTOK token). This way, you can get more mileage and fun out of the game.

At the beginning of each season, as soon as you get accustomed to new features, you can establish a clear strategy and get to work building up a new Codyfigther (or buying an upgraded one if you can afford it).

It’s your choice whether you want to play casually or upgrade your Codyfighter’s rarity (there are five levels of rarity, each associated with a certain set of native skills) and unlock new learnable skills — both of which you can achieve by playing special rarity and learnable skill missions.

The higher your Codyfighter’s level, the faster you’ll climb the ranked leagues and improve your chances of winning rewards in competitive matches.

As you earn more in-game assets through gameplay, you can expand your roster of Codyfighters and begin the entire process again or explore other gameplay and earning options. You could join a guild, establish a bot farm to increase your units, or even collaborate with a dev.

As the season end approaches, you can mint any of the Codyfighters you built up or trade them with other players for profit.

Best of all, the gameplay loop will always stay fresh, so to speak. Each season will have a unique set of Codyfighters classes with different skill sets. Joining early provides you access to Codyfighters that won’t be available in subsequent seasons, so locking down the assets now will serve as a huge badge of honor during gameplay, as other players will know you’re a tried-and-true Codyfight veteran.

Who is behind Codyfight?

What does it take to create a fun game?

While development skills and software engineering acumen are there to ensure everything checks out on a technical level, creating games worth playing requires much more. As it’s apparent with AAA-developed games that flop despite their technical brilliance, a fun game ultimately requires a strong vision and a deep familiarity with gaming.

This is exactly why we believe Codyfight is destined for great things.

Not only is the team behind the game filled to the brim with experienced game development veterans, but the founders of the project are true visionaries who set their sights on creating something completely different.

The dynamic duo consists of Andrius J., a software engineer who can only be described as a coding virtuoso, and Danas, a true gamer, developer, and a natural-born leader. With their complementary skills, they were able to craft a game that challenges the status quo, allowing tech-savvy individuals to explore their full creative potential.

However, no game can get off the ground without a strong marketing plan. This is where Andrius B. comes in. As one of the project’s founders, he is a marketing whizz with expertise in team building who knows exactly what it takes to turn any project into a true success story.

Partnering up

Although Codyfight started development as a Web 2 game, the benefits of integrating blockchain technology and crypto assets were simply too hard to ignore. Crypto is a beast of its own and strong partnerships are one of the key determinators of a project’s success.

Fortunately, Codyfight has its share of strategic partners and is backed by well-known giants in the industry, some of which include:

  • DAO Maker
  • Evangelion
  • LD Capital
  • Icetea Labs
  • Impossible Finance
  • MEXC Global
  • Digital Strategies
  • Raptor Capital
  • SL2 Capital
  • Decubate

With such names offering their guidance and resources, the future is more than bright for Codyfight. In fact, the development team has collaborated with more than 500 projects, and our game has led to the creation of more than 150 AMAs with both web3 and casual gaming communities.

Join a bustling community

Although Codyfight is still fresh, the first 7 months of alpha testing have been a wild (albeit) successful rollercoaster ride.

Because the game is accessible and can be played via mobile and PC, Codyfight has successfully attracted over 40k players. These aren’t one-off registrations either — these gamers are active. In fact, more than 8.5 million matches were played across different game modes, 250k of which were competitive league matches.

Want to find like-minded individuals?

With 20k Discord members, 170k active participants on Telegram, and a large community of over 190k followers on X, Codyfight will make you feel like you’re a part of something big.

Plus, because this game is an oasis for programmers and other technically proficient players, there’s a huge community built around learning to code and building AI bots. This Learn2Code MVP live program helps educate the community in some valuable skills that can translate outside the game.

The same can be said about the Codyfighters Genesis Collection NFTs successfully minted recently. With the most expensive piece currently costing 3ETH ($3.6k at the moment), Codyfight is a legitimate business opportunity and not just a fun game.

Start playing now and brag to your friends later once this game reaches the level of recognition it truly deserves!