Codyfight Coding Challenge: $1500 Prize Pool

1 min readJul 7, 2023


Calling all Tech-Savvy Codyfighters: Unleash your coding prowess!

Are you a master of programming languages? A dev who likes to code? Do you enjoy crafting your own code and automating gameplay? This event is tailored for you!

1. We invite you to showcase your skills by writing a game client using .net, go, or python languages. Your code will empower others to create amazing strategies.

2. Publish your code on a public GitHub repository with crystal-clear setup instructions.

3. Deploy your bot, engaging in 1000 exhilarating matches. Aim for a winning rate of 35% or more to claim victory!

As a reward for your coding triumph, we’re offering an impressive $1500 prize pool. Whoever is first to write the code — wins! Three winners will be crowned, one for each language. Each victor will claim $500.

Are you ready to code your way to glory? Let the coding battle begin!