Pre-Season Codyfighters: Navigating Native Skills

9 min readNov 17, 2023


Strategic prowess and skill choices can be the difference between victory and defeat in the battlegrounds of Codyfight. In this guide, we delve into the intricacies of 7 Pre-season Codyfighter archetypes and the impact of rarity on their native skills, providing insights to craft a winning strategy.

Mastering Native Skills Across Rarities

As players navigate the upgrades in rarity, a crucial consideration lies in aligning their choices with their preferred playstyle and overarching strategy. It’s important to recognize that upgrading rarity brings about changes in native skills, and sometimes, sticking to a lower rarity may better suit one’s strategic objectives.

Sapper: the tactical demolitionist

The Sapper archetype undergoes significant transformations in its native skills as it ascends through different rarities. In its common form, the “Rookie Demolish” skill offers a balanced set of stats with a moderate energy cost (⚡70), a single target range (🎯1), and a damage output of 💥30. The rarity progression introduces notable variations, with the “Workn’t” skill bringing an increased energy cost (⚡85), target range (🎯2) and cooldown (⌛4).

Moving into the epic tier, the “Anti Armor Charge” skill showcases a substantial energy demand (⚡180) and extended cooldown of ⌛5 turns. Note that damage output is decreased to zero as well. The legendary “Demolish” skill maintains the characteristics of its common counterpart but with an escalated energy cost (⚡200) and decreased damage (💥0).

At the mythical level, the Sapper’s “B.F.B.” skill stands as a pinnacle of destructive capability. With a massive energy requirement (⚡420), it targets 2 GRID directions and boasts a formidable damage potential of 💥155. The extended cooldown duration (⌛6 turns) underscore the high-stakes nature of deploying this experimental bomb.

Engineer: the master builder

Starting with the common “Rookie Build” skill, the Engineer lays the foundation for constructing lesser obstacles at a reasonable energy cost (⚡85) and with a target range of 🎯1. As the rarity increases, the rare “Booby Trap” skill introduces a twist with an EMP charge, requiring more energy (⚡110) and offering no damage output (💥N/A).

Elevating to the epic tier, the “Makeshift Defenses” skill presents a unique defensive strategy, providing a temporary bonus shield with a decreased energy cost (⚡90). The legendary “Build” skill mirrors the rare skill but with a higher energy cost (⚡200), emphasizing a more potent and versatile obstacle construction ability.

The mythical rarity introduces the “W.A.L.L. Mark 1” skill, showcasing the Engineer’s pinnacle capabilities. With an increased energy demand (⚡480) and a focus on 2 GRID directions, this skill allows the construction of a prototype wall tile that is resistant to standard demolitions. This progression highlights the Engineer’s evolution from a basic builder to a sophisticated constructor, with each rarity contributing unique elements to its skill set, culminating in a mythic rarity that excels in defensive strategies and obstacle construction.

Guardian: the defensive strategist

At the common level, the “Knockback” skill exemplifies the Guardian’s proficiency in combat, delivering a moderate-energy-cost (⚡65) strike with a close-range target (🎯1). The damage output (💥45) strike a balanced synergy, providing a foundation for effective early-game engagements.

Transitioning to the rare tier, the Guardian adopts the “Taunt Protocol” skill, introducing a tactical element to its toolkit. With a slightly increased energy cost (⚡70), this skill allows the Guardian to taunt and pull opponents, influencing the dynamics of the battlefield.

The epic “Defensive Maneuver” skill refines the Guardian’s defensive capabilities, featuring a spin attack with a 1 GRID range, dealing damage (💥60) and imposing a reasonable cooldown (⌛4).

As the Guardian attains legendary rarity, the “Stunning Strike” skill becomes a focal point, emphasizing crowd control with a close range (🎯1), a moderate energy cost (⚡175), and the ability to stun opponents for one turn. This skill underscores the Guardian’s evolution into a disruptive force on the battlefield.

In the mythic tier, the Guardian’s innate attributes receive a significant boost through the “Passive: Reinforced Plating” skill. This passive ability, reducing all damage taken by 30, signifies a shift towards enhancing survivability rather than introducing new active skills. The Guardian’s progression across rarities paints a narrative of adaptability, from a melee specialist to a strategic influencer, ultimately culminating in a resilient defender capable of withstanding significant punishment.

Scout: the agile infiltrator

Embarking on the journey from a greenhorn to a seasoned pro, the Scout class unfolds its tale. Kicking off with the basic “Concussion Strike,”, the Scout dashes into action with a high energy cost (⚡110) and the damage output (💥40). Although a limited range (🎯1) and a lengthy cooldown (⌛5) might appear off-putting initially.

As the Scout progresses in rarity, the “Defensive Measures” skill requires a bit more energy (⚡150) and has no damage output (💥0), this move restores 125 HP and 50 Armor, a handy self-preservation trick with a cooldown (⌛6).

Moving into the epic tier, the Scout gains the “Pathmaking” skill. It costs more energy (⚡200) but allows the Scout to stroll an extra tile for three turns! The legendary skill, “Zap-Stride,” is the Scout’s signature dash move. It dashes to the designated area, costing ⚡250 and leaving a tricky Zap Trap behind.

At the mythic level, the Scout masters “BLINK,” the ultimate teleport move. With a hefty cost of ⚡450 and a cooldown (⌛6), it lets the Scout teleport a short distance to a selected tile, even through obstacles.

The Scout’s journey is like a silent evolution, from a quick striker to a master of strategic movement and surprise attacks. Just like the Guardian and Engineer, the Scout’s progression adds a unique flair to the team, making them an agile and unpredictable force on the battlefield.

Trickster: the deceptive manipulator

The Trickster’s journey is a thrilling escapade through various levels, each skill adding a dash of mischief to the gameplay. Commencing with the common “SWAP” skill, it’s a swift maneuver that costs a fair amount of energy (⚡100), but has a wide target range (🎯2). This tricky move allows the Trickster to swap positions with a selected target, be it an opponent or special agent, adding an element of surprise to their arsenal.

Advancing to the rare tier, the Trickster unveils the “Firewall Breach” skill. This daring move demands moderate energy (⚡165) and has even wider target range (🎯3). With a substantial hit (💥110), this skill allows the Trickster to deal damage from a distance, targeting players, special agents, or trap tiles.

The “Passive: Solar Powered” skill enhances the Trickster’s energy regeneration. With no energy cost (⚡0), damage (💥0), or cooldown (⌛0), this passive ability grants the Trickster the advantage of restoring an extra 50 energy every turn, making them a formidable force in prolonged encounters.

As the Trickster attains legendary status, the “Confusion Protocol” skill becomes the centrepiece. With a cost of 250 energy and a target range of 3 GRID tiles, this skill allows the Trickster to hack their target, preventing them from using active abilities for 2 turns. This strategic move can target players or special agents, adding a layer of disruption to the battlefield.

In the mythic tier, the “Borrowed Time” skill showcases the Trickster’s astonishing capabilities. With a high energy cost (⚡280) and wide target range (🎯3), this skill increases the cooldown of the target’s skills by 2 turns. With the ability to target players and special agents, the Trickster becomes a master of time manipulation, turning the tide of battles in their favor.

Hunter: the precision striker

The Hunter’s journey is a relentless pursuit, marked by a diverse set of skills that make them a formidable force on the battlefield.

“Direct Attack” skill is a swift strike that costs 75 energy and has a close-range target of 1 GRID. This precise hit deals significant damage (💥50) with a short cooldown (⌛3), allowing the Hunter to swiftly eliminate foes. The skill can target opponents, special agents, and trap tiles, showcasing the Hunter’s adaptability.

Moving up to the rare tier, the Hunter reveals the “Magnetic Pull” skill. This strategic move demands 110 energy and has a long-range target (🎯3). The skill pulls the target towards the Hunter from a distance, disrupting enemy positioning.

Advancing to the epic level, the “Detain” skill, a powerful ability with a cost of 180 energy and a target range of 2 tiles. This skill stuns the target for 2 turns, providing a valuable crowd control element.

As the Hunter achieves legendary rarity, the “Fatal Bullet” skill becomes a game-changer. Costing 250 energy and with a long-range target in 3 linear directions, this skill performs a ranged attack that deals massive damage (💥195). Additionally, it drains 30% of the target’s max energy, adding a strategic element to the Hunter’s arsenal.

In the mythic rarity, the “Vital Point Hit” skill is an attack delivering damage directly to the target’s HP and completely ignoring their armor. It can be used against players, special agents, and traps, solidifying the Hunter’s reputation as a master of precision strikes.

Brute: the raw power unleasher

The Brute’s journey is a relentless onslaught. Starting with the common “Hook Punch” skill, it’s a forceful strike that requires low energy (⚡65) and has a close-range target (🎯1). This punch has quite long cooldown (⌛4), but delivers moderate damage (💥55), showcasing the Brute’s straightforward yet effective combat style.

Ascending to the rare tier, the Brute gets “TOSS” skill. This impactful move demands more energy (⚡90) and targets a linear path (🎯1). The Brute flicks the target over themselves, throwing them in the opposite direction while dealing substantial damage (💥65).

Moving into the epic level, the“Gadget Smash” skill has a unique ability tailored for tactical play. This skill delivers a devastating blow to any trap tile, instantly destroying it. It can only target trap tiles, emphasizing the Brute’s role in clearing obstacles and disrupting enemy plans.

Upon reaching legendary status, the “Wave Smash” skill becomes a defining feature. Costing 185 energy (⚡185) this skill smashes the targeted tile with devastating force, creating a blast wave that deals damage to all tiles surrounding the target tile in a 1 GRID distance.

The mythic “Clear the Way” skill requires high energy (⚡210). This devastating attack deals heavy damage to players (💥150). If the target is a special tile, it disables it (if chargable) or destroys it (if breakable).


Each archetype, be it the tactical demolitionist Sapper, the master builder Engineer, or the defensive strategist Guardian, undergoes a fascinating evolution as they progress through different rarities. The Sapper’s destructive journey culminates in the explosive power of the “B.F.B.” skill, the Engineer transforms from a basic builder to a sophisticated constructor with the “W.A.L.L. Mark 1,” and the Guardian evolves into a resilient defender with the passive “Reinforced Plating.”

The agile infiltrator, Scout, progresses from the “Concussion Strike” to the teleportation mastery of “BLINK,” showcasing a silent evolution in strategic movement and surprise attacks. The deceptive manipulator, Trickster, weaves a tale of mischief, introducing skills like “SWAP” and “Confusion Protocol” that disrupt opponents’ plans. The precision striker, Hunter, advances from a “Direct Attack” to the devastating “Vital Point Hit,” demonstrating mastery in precision strikes.

Finally, the raw power unleasher, Brute, showcases a relentless onslaught from the “Hook Punch” to the devastating “Clear the Way,” emphasizing sheer brute force and disruptive capabilities.

In conclusion, the journey through Codyfight is not just about raw power but about crafting a winning strategy. The choices made in skill upgrades, considering playstyle and strategic objectives, shape the narrative of each archetype’s evolution, contributing to the dynamic and thrilling experience that is Codyfight.

May your strategies be sharp, and your victories be legendary!