Weekly Development Update: Episode 8

4 min readFeb 24, 2023


Hello Earthlings, and welcome to a new chapter of our development update series. Our devs have been pushing hard after Christmas, and the game is in great shape to welcome our first players. Let’s dive into the latest updates and features of these past weeks!

Previously on Codyfight development series…

In the previous development article, we dived into our new scoring system, some of our latest changes in the Widget, and the first steps of the onboarding process for players. You can check out a more in-depth revision of these features and some more updates like new maps, skills, and creative affairs in our latest development video. If you have not watched it yet, go and find out what the winter season brought for Codyfight.

Spine bone animation and making our characters alive!

After creating a new infrastructure that allows the deployment of skills and special tiles, it’s time to move one step forward with the spine bone animation.

The spine is an additional animation framework that will allow Codyfight to animate agents in the game, both Special Agents and Codyfighters. Previously, the game only operated across the map in simple movements, but now agents will be able to fly, shake, twist, etc. providing much more flexibility in their actions. This will add a new layer of visual complexity to the Widget, as players will be more immersed and fully enjoy casting skills and performing different commands in-game. Prepare for new animations and movements!

Changes on maps

One of the upcoming features of the game will help players create interesting strategies and shape the metagame. To do so maps are currently being designed and include new tiles, obstacles, and smarter elements. Express your creativity by combining your skills with minions, holes and so much more environmental threats!

Also, the new textures of our maps, as well as some of the elements like the blockers have been updated so the visual fest is guaranteed.

UI/UX improvements

In terms of our UI/UX, our players will be able to experience brand-new elements that provide a great experience for the eyes. They are currently being shaped to match our latest metagame features. Our lead artist is adding some touches of magic to the interface and we can already say that it is improving in quality!

Game actions log implementation

The introduction of skills for Special Agents brings the opportunity to play around with their abilities, movements, and their actions in the game. In this case, Special Agents will have unique skills and also count with some of the Codyfighters’ skills even though their levels might be different, as well as the circumstances for their usage.

In our latest update and with the introduction of SA skills, The Ripper will be able to tear multiple players or NPCs at once and toss opponents. His usage of the skill will be depending on different factors like cool down, rage, or distance so you will sometimes be lucky and avoid the slay with some damage or be annihilated!

Lore under construction: Meet our regions and Special Agents!

And we can’t finish this article without some exciting news!

Our lore is currently under development and we have amazing things cooking up that will see the light very soon. You can already start discovering some of our fresh regions, The Barren Desert and Scraplands to grab a bite of what the Codyfight universe holds for you. We will be revealing slowly but steadily our dystopian fantasy and the dangers and lifestyle of those who roam around its lands.

Thank you for catching up with us and we’ll see you at the next one. Until then, check out our socials so you don’t miss out on our content and especially our exciting early testers events coming very soon.

May Legendary Llama be with you!