Choosing Your Ideal Codyfighter: A Guide to the 7 Pre-Season Archetypes

6 min readNov 8, 2023


Codyfight, the AI-powered strategy game, has caught the gaming community’s attention with its distinct experience. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Codyfighters, exploring their unique features and assisting you in selecting the ideal companion for your gaming journey.

Pre-Season Codyfighters

Each season introduces new Codyfighters, expanding your collection opportunities. As an early adopter, your adventure extends beyond the pre-season. Imagine having an epic pre-season Codyfighter in the 6th season — it’s truly remarkable! The value and benefits are yet to be fully revealed.

Your first Codyfighter is free! Don’t fret about selecting the wrong one. If you’re still in the common rarity, you can change it to another type. Changing your Codyfighter type is also completely free.

The 7 Pre-Season Archetypes

Codyfighters come in various archetypes, each catering to specific skills, strengths, and strategies. Let’s explore each archetype by taking Pre-Season Codyfighters as examples:

Sapper — The Demolition Expert

Meet Foo, the Sapper, a true demolition artist in the world of Codyfighters. Armed with the incredible ability to ‘Demolish,’ Foo can destroy obstacles and inflict damage to traps with finesse. Sporting well-balanced attributes, Foo excels in dealing moderate damage or when the battlefield is littered with obstacles that need clearing. Whether you’re looking to pave the way or strategically deal with environmental hazards, Foo is your trusty companion, ready to navigate the chaos with precision.

Engineer — The Master Builder

Bar is the embodiment of engineering prowess among Codyfighters. With the ‘Build’ skill, Bar can construct and repair obstacles, making them a versatile asset on the battlefield. While their damage output might not be their strong suit, their ability to fortify defenses and create tactical advantages is unparalleled. Bar is for the team players, always ensuring that the group is equipped with the necessary tools to succeed.

Brute — The Unstoppable Force

Meet Leon, the epitome of brute strength and close-range combat prowess. With ‘Toss’ as his native skill, Leon delivers heavy-hitting blows, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Boasting formidable hitpoints, significant damage potential, and imposing armor, Leon is charging into the heat of battle and controlling the battlefield like no other. When it comes to raw power, Leon is the go-to Codyfighter.

Trickster — The Deceptive Shapeshifter

Steewee is the embodiment of trickery and unpredictability among Codyfighters. With the ability to ‘Swap,’ Steewee can deceive opponents by swapping places with them or other game agents, leaving their adversaries puzzled and outmanoeuvred. While Steewee has low hitpoints and armor, his high energy levels allow for creative and evasive playstyles. Tricksters are the master of mind games, making each encounter a delightful puzzle for both players.

Hunter — The Magnetic Manipulator

Mati is the magnetic manipulator among Codyfighters, wielding the ‘Magnetic Pull’ skill to perfection. With moderate energy and hitpoints and high damage output, Mati is the controller of the battlefield. Hunters can pull prey closer, dictating the positioning of opponents and inflicting damage with precision. Mati is the embodiment of control, ensuring that the flow of the game is in his favor.

Scout — The Agile Stunner

Deli is the personification of agility and crowd control among Codyfighters. With the ‘Blink’ ability, Deli can swiftly stun his targets and keep the opposition on their toes. While hitpoints and armor are on the lower side, Scouts exceptional mobility makes them a force to be reckoned with. Deli is the disruptor, ensuring that the enemy is constantly under pressure.

Guardian — The Defensive Warden

Nova, the Guardian, is your fortress on the battlefield. With ‘Knockback’ as a native skill, Nova can displace and damage enemies or obstacles. While his damage output is on the lower end, high defense ensures the protection and maintained battlefield control. Nova is the master of defense, making sure there is space and protection they need to succeed.

Each Codyfighter archetype brings a unique flavor to the game, offering a range of strategic options to suit every player’s style and preferences. Choose wisely, and may the battle be ever in your favor!

Now, let’s see how these archetypes cater to different types of players:

For Competitive Gaming

If you’re determined to dominate the arena, Codyfighters with high damage output and battlefield control are your best choice. Archetypes like Brute and Hunter excel in this regard. Brutes have substantial HP and deal heavy damage, making them formidable in close-range combat. Meanwhile, Hunters can draw their prey closer and deliver significant damage, perfect for an aggressive playstyle.

For Casual Fun

Casual players who prefer a relaxed gaming experience will enjoy Codyfighters that offer unique and playful abilities. Tricksters and Engineers are ideal choices. Tricksters, with their low HP but vast energy pool, enable creative and unexpected tactics. Engineers, on the other hand, can build and repair obstacles, adding a creative twist to the game and promoting teamwork and collaboration.

Embracing the Tech Aspect

Tech-savvy players will appreciate the depth and complexity of Codyfighters. You can delve into the blockchain element of the game, exploring trading and rental opportunities. Additionally, with voting rights on game features and development, tech-savvy players can actively participate in shaping the game’s future. Owning Codyfighters becomes a strategic investment and an opportunity to engage with the blockchain gaming community.

Embracing Codyfighters

Codyfighters are more than just in-game assets; they are versatile digital collectibles that offer various functionalities:

  • Tradable and Rentable Assets: Codyfighters can be exchanged and rented, enabling you to make strategic choices about your assets.
  • Early Adoption Collectibles: Each Codyfighter stands as evidence of your early adoption, making them highly prized by collectors.
  • Profile Pictures: Utilize them as profile pictures for your in-game profile or on your social media accounts.
  • Voting Rights: Codyfighters grant you a voice in shaping the game’s future by offering voting rights on game features and development.
  • Pre-sale Access: They serve as a ticket to the pre-sale of 2nd generation Codyfighters, granting early access to the next wave of collectibles.
  • Promotional Giveaways: Owning a Codyfighter secures your spot in promotional giveaways and exclusive events.

However, what truly sets Codyfighters apart are their unique native skill sets and default statistics. These characteristics make them powerful in-game assets that can be customized to suit various playstyles.

Customizing Your Codyfighter

Have a blast playing with your friends, experimenting with different archetypes, and devising unique tactics for your Codyfighter. Challenge or surprise your opponents with your strategies. There’s no one-size-fits-all choice; you need to find what suits you best.

To fully unlock your Codyfighter’s potential, you can customize their abilities by acquiring new learnable skills through gameplay and completing various challenges. This feature adds depth and strategy to the game, allowing you to fine-tune your Codyfighter’s strengths and adapt to various scenarios.

In summary, Codyfighters offer a dynamic gaming experience. With unique archetypes, native skills, and the opportunity to customize their abilities, Codyfighters cater to a broad spectrum of players. So, choose your archetype wisely and let the battle begin!

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