$CTOK Token — Fuel Behind the Codyfight Economy

5 min readApr 25, 2024


With Codyfight in its alpha phase, newcomers to this community are hungry to learn more. Ideally, crypto-related topics can be somewhat confusing, and some of the player base probably joined up simply to experience the exciting gameplay that Codyfight offers.

However, gaming tokens are often the fuel, allowing the underlying economy to run appropriately. They are assets that can transform a game into so much more — a full-on decentralized ecosystem possessing plenty of worth in the real world.

Stay with us as we explain why gaming tokens matter, share some exciting details behind the $CTOK token, and show you how to get it.

What are gaming tokens?

Gaming tokens generally bridge the gap between your virtual and tangible assets. In a sense, they are the backbone, keeping the game running for the future. These tokens can be earned in-game and traded between the players. Since they’re limited in availability, their use extends outside of the game as they can be exchanged for other crypto assets and ultimately, traded in for fiat.

Equally important, a token can serve as a way to bind the player base together. Owning gaming tokens connects gamers and makes them feel invested in the project, boosting the game’s overall value and fostering loyalty among the community.

Put differently, a gaming token helps the game transcend its gameplay and turns it into a true metaverse experience.

What is $CTOK?

$CTOK is the native token in Codyfight. It powers the game’s economy and allows its deep ecosystem to blossom, allowing players to earn valuable assets and get more mileage from what is already a fun and engaging experience. All the assets in the game are closely intertwined with $CTOK. All purchases can be made with $CTOK. Whether you want additional Codyfighters, more $CTOK, or a CKey to scale your bot farms. For instance, $CTOK can also be used to repair Codyfighters.

In addition to purchasing in-game items, the utility of $CTOK goes further as it can be traded on the Arbitum blockchain, placed in liquidity pools, and bid on factions in the game.

$CTOK Utilities

$CTOK has several notable uses, most importantly, rewarding players for their efforts and motivating them to keep playing. The better you are, the better the rewards! This attracts competitive players and significantly extends the game’s user base, driving up the token’s value.

The most exciting aspect of owning the native token is that you’ll have a say in how the game progresses. This is the entire point of decentralization, as you own the game as much as we do. You and the other community members will play an important role in future development and any notable improvements. The amount of governance power you have will directly correlate with the number of tokens you hold!

How to earn $CTOK?

Although you can buy $CTOK on exchanges, it’s much easier to earn it organically by playing the game. At the core of our in-game reward system, $CTOK is awarded to players who perform well in competitive modes.

Play in competitive modes

Players can use 1 $CTOK to enter Llama’s Maze mode, where victories are rewarded with even more $CTOK. The amount of $CTOK you earn per victory depends on your rank and win rate.

Another competitive mode in which you can multiply your $CTOK is BBL. But you won’t be able to surrender in this one! Enter the BBL with a minimum of 10 $CTOK and win at least 18 $CTOK per victory. The higher your stake, the bigger your win.

Since you’ll need to pay $CTOK to compete, you’ll experience high-stakes combat, testing your skills as you strive to win back your tokens.

This means you can easily go from playing casually to testing your skills competitively or even trying your hands at making Codyfight a full-fledged career through esports.

Ways to earn and multiply your $CTOK

Conquer quests

You can stack more $CTOK by taking the top places on the leaderboards. There are always weekly seasonal quest leaderboards. For example, the top 30 players who catch the most pigs or play the most games in Llama’s Maze mode are awarded up to 512 $CTOK.

Win tournaments or game nights

The community also looks forward to tournaments or gaming nights. There are weekly ones organized in the Codyfight Discord, as well as bigger ones like the $CTOK Birth of Battle Championship or Guild Wars. Prize pools often include huge chunks of not only $CTOK but also other Codyfight assets.

Build a bot to play for you

If you know a bit about coding or are motivated to learn, you can earn tokens by developing AI bot farms and selling or renting AI codes. AI bot farms are particularly interesting as they allow players to expand the gameplay further by programming autonomous and intelligent AI bots to control their Codyfighters for them, ultimately increasing their ability to win valuable rewards and make passive income in the game.

Other ways to earn $CTOK directly include completing achievements and referring friends.

How much $CTOK is available?

The entire Codyfight project is valued at 20M$, and the total token supply is 127,00,00,01.

If you’re interested in exploring the technical aspects of CTOK further, please refer to the documentation provided in Github or Codyfight whitepaper.

Unlock the real world potential of crypto assets

Even during its alpha stage, Codyfight became one of the most talked-about projects, attracting casual gamers and experienced cryptocurrency veterans. That makes $CTOK exciting as the game has been progressing as planned, which is a testament to its quality and its long-term potential.

Crypto assets are not just a fad. In the context of gaming, they present a long-term investment and will only grow in importance proportionally to the Web3 gaming industry. Plus, the prospect of earning such a valuable asset while engaged in a fun gameplay loop is hard to ignore. Either way, we look forward to seeing you in the“robot battlefield”.