Your Beginner’s Guide to Codyfight: Strategy, Play, and Early Access

4 min readJan 24, 2024


Codyfight is an online turn-based strategy game that’s completely free to play. Dive into the fun with sandbox mode, challenge your friends in friendly-duel mode, or battle for rewards in Llama’s maze mode. Each game spans 5 or 10 rounds, varying with the gameplay mode.

In Codyfight, your main goal is to beat your opponent by scoring more points. You can score points by defeating your opponent, finding an exit, trapping Mr. Ryo, or capturing Llama.

Here’s how you score points:

  • Get 10 points when you take the exit.
  • Earn 30 points if you cage or kill Mr. Ryo.
  • Grab 50 points for caging Llama.
  • Get 15 points when you kill the opponent.
  • Get 15 points if you kill Kix.
  • Score big with 80 points for beating Ripper.
  • Lose 15 points for killing Buzz (he’s your buddy!).
  • Lose 15 points if you get killed by the environment.
  • Lose 50 points for killing Llama (never do that!).

Know your allies and enemies

In the game, you’re not fighting alone. You have Special Agents, also known as NPCs, that play alongside you and your opponent. Among these agents, Ryo and Llama are pretty important. But watch out for the Ripper — it’s better to stay away from this dangerous agent.

Use your surroundings

To win, you need to be smart about where you are and how you use the environment. The game’s world is like a puzzle, and using it well can give you a big advantage over your opponent.

How to join early in pre-season

Want to get a head start in Codyfight? Here’s how you can join the game in less than 2 minutes. To play early, you need a special entry code. You are lucky reading this, because thsi guide gives it to you automatically if you follow next steps.

  1. Go to the registration page through the following link:

2. Fill in your information and verify your email after clicking “register”.

3. Choose your Codyfighter. Once you register, you’ll pick from one of 7 classes to play. This choice gives you your first (and free) Codyfighter.

You’ll be able to change it’s archetype while still in common rarity, however you can pick the right one for you from the start by knowing each of them. Read about each class in the article called “Choosing Your Ideal Codyfighter: A Guide to the 7 Pre-Season Archetypes”.

You can find everything you own, like your Codyfighters, CKeys, and Operators, in the inventory page.

4. Go through short tutorial or skip it if you like experimental learning.

You’ll always be able to check tutorial again. However, you can also watch “Learn to play Codyfight in Less Than a Minute” video on Youtube.

5. Ready to play? After you’re all set up, click “launch game” button and choose game mode to start your game. Click “ready” and start playing!

And that’s it! Welcome to Codyfight!

Don’t forget to check out the leaderboards to see who’s on top. You can also visit your profile to see your recent games and make your profile look cool.

And that’s it! Keep following us for more updates and tips. Welcome to Codyfight — your adventure is just beginning!