FAQ with Codyfight on AI

3 min readOct 22, 2022

The autumn season has been heavily dedicated to AI. We have chatted on our social media and AMA sessions about its benefits in the game. However, we feel like it’s time to expand further knowledge to the audience. Therefore, as a part of our new communication policy, we have decided to provide you with the answers to some of the most common doubts about our key AI features.

We hope this FAQ serves as a guide and the predecessor to answer more inquiries by the community. And remember that if you still have any questions, our team will be more than happy to answer through Discord or Telegram.

I want to create AI bots in Codyfight but I don’t have any coding skills. Will there be tutorials on how to get started?

Tutorials will be included in the game, not only on how to start playing but also on how to start your coding journey. In addition, basic AI documentation will be provided as well as workshops so players with no previous knowledge can participate. Newbies are welcome to start developing their first AI bots!

If I play manually, will I have the same opportunities as AI bots?

Yes. Both keyboard users and API users will have the same possibilities in the game.

Will there be technical limitations on creating AI bot farms?

Yes, there are limitations within the game. Players can follow Codyfight rules or create custom games with their own rules.

How will the team ensure that someone who develops a strong learning AI does not completely dominate the entirety of the leaderboards?

Codyfight’s metagame is complex and very dynamic. Our team will constantly challenge AI bots by adding new features and closely observing their behavior. This will benefit both parties, humans, and AI. Humans, on one hand, will be more prone to adapt to new changes, and AI, on the other hand, will be constantly competing with other opponents, but also against itself.

I want to be part of a guild in Codyfight, is it possible? How will the process work?

Yes, players can form guilds in the game. The process will be simple, they just have to lend NFTs to other players that will deploy the AI bot farms. Easy peasy and both parties win.

How can code owners rent out spots in their AI bot farms?

Codyfight will allow freedom for developers to decide how to manage their AI bot farms. Code owners can rent out spots for players in exchange for lending NFTs or splitting rewards.

How can I benefit from taking part in an AI bot farm?

Taking part in an AI bot farm will allow users to avoid grinding and most importantly, to share rewards with the code owner. Yes, you will be able to get the rewards without the pain!

And that’s a wrap!

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