Weekly Development Update: Episode 6

4 min readDec 16, 2022


Another week of development updates is upon us! Let’s catch up on the news of the team and the juicy exclusives of the game straight from our favorite development department.

Previously on Codyfight development series

As we have explained in our last articles, the dev team has taken the final leap in finalizing The Widget. In the last sprint, great advancements were achieved, and we are happy to announce that the December sprint will be the cherry on top of Alpha 0. The journey might be difficult, but our devs’ forces are stronger!

Also, in Episode 5, the UI took the spotlight through new menus and the refinement of the mobile interface. Now both our desktop and mobile designs are looking fresh, innovative, and user-friendly for our players!

Last but not least, we welcomed to the team a new weapon in the fight against bugs, the Game socket consumer, an invention from our co-founder and dev-master Danas, to optimize workflow between the back-end and the Widget.

Xmas is in the air, and surprises are coming!

Codyfight is getting festive, so our dev forces are taking some well-deserved rest between bugs, Widget, and other binary shenanigans to celebrate the holidays.

But hey, work ain’t stopping! However, before we jump into our favorite league of coders, we would like to discuss a couple of exciting events around the corner.

Firstly, a new member has joined the team, Kim Fuentes. She will be leading our business development and growth department. With her expertise, Codyfight’s spaceship will be reaching even higher!

Marketing holidays extravaganza

Among us game in our Discord weekly events

Secondly, we would like to celebrate our marketing team, as outstanding initiatives in the galaxy have been happening in the last month.

Not only was our big dev video launched recently, but we also participated in several events and pumped up our community with fun activities every week.

That’s right, our Discord events have been gathering Earthlings for a fun time! Plus, we have been hinting at a new point system for the community that will see the light very soon.

Join our gang to participate in the galactic extravaganza, and get ready for the upcoming weeks. We have peeked at the marketing closet, and all we can say is that you should buckle up on your spaceship belt.

Back to the dev league

Our developers have been working hard on the Widget, she is a tougher cookie than expected, but all the hard work will be landing on a quality product; appealing and dynamic for users, but especially free from those uncomfortable major bugs.

While our back-end is currently focusing on slaying bugs as well as finalizing the Widget, our front-end team is concentrating on the gameplay control implementations. This includes features like casting a skill, spectating the game, checking profile, timer, game summary, or open menu.

Changes & new fixes

The full front on the Widget has turned our devs into real warriors, fighting bugs and fixing multiple features like player turn start or Codyfighter skin type. Also, the legacy code is in the works to be refactored. The latter process might be tedious, but it’s the key to building a stable game that allows frequent updates and runs smoothly for users.

As for the Widget UI, last week we had some new features and in this article, we are bringing even more! Our match summary has been incorporated, as well as fresh top menu bottoms, turn start notification and turn timeline resetting. Also, durability was introduced to the UI. That’s right, one of the greatest stats is now integrated for our players!

In addition, a new update will allow users to see their Codyfighter name on the Widget at all times. You won’t lose sight of your adored bot name anymore.

Other news includes automatic game testing, the removal of internal bots, code cleanups, and some guidelines regarding testing and onboarding players. Yes, Codyfight will be tested and played very, very soon!

Sparkling some creative magic

And our update couldn’t be completed without some creative magic from our art lead.

The art department has been crafting a cool and exciting NFT collection for some time, a long journey but well paid off, as players will be able to enjoy a great number of bots, each with their own touch and personality.

Our art folks have also joined forces with the marketing department for the Xmas campaign. We can’t wait to reveal what has been cooking up between the departments for the past couple of weeks!

Farewell, from now…

Wow, this was a long update! But a deserved one, as we will be taking a break from our weekly updates during the holiday season. Many exciting things are around the corner, and at the end of the month we will catch up with our December video to reveal the updates from our favorite league of devs.

Stay very, VERY tuned to our socials, and don’t forget to throw a cheer for Codyfight in your next festive meal.

May Legendary Llama be with you!

Codyfight team.