Weekly Development Update: Episode 5

3 min readDec 9, 2022

Welcome back to our dev series.

We missed a week of development updates, but for a very good reason: our monthly development video!

A new initiative, where we dive into the intricacies of Codyfight’s latest updates with the help of our co-founders, so you can explore the behind-the-scenes of the game with your own eyes. If you have not caught it yet, finish the article and jump on it!

Previously on Codyfight development series

November brought in the new infrastructure and the integration of many features that upgrade the meta and make Codyfight an immersive and scalable game with stats, skills, and special tiles. Other important updates for the month were action stack and damage dealing system, two of the key features that spice up dynamism in the battle.

In addition, new visual changes were incorporated into the Dashboard, as well as devs started the journey to complete both Quickstart and documentation pages. Lastly, in the final stage of November, the team started joining hands to finalize and polish the Widget, so everything will be ready and running for Alpha 0.

A new month in Codyfight

Our developers are catching speed to finalize all the new features for Alpha 0, and this week’s focus was on back-end, Widget, and new UI changes.

A new invention

In a very unexpected way, one of our developers and co-founders invented a tool by himself. This new device allows for better communication between the back-end and the Widget and helps to detect if the data transcripted to the game functions correctly. The tool has already been fully integrated into the department, and it’s helping optimize the workflow.

Changes in menus

The game keeps improving visually to have the most user-friendly and immersive experience for players. While the Alpha 0 UI for the Widget has been finalized, our creative team is working ahead for the Alpha 1 version. The Dashboard UI has also been completed and refined, including documentation, Quickstart, and the skill selection panel, highly important for players to decide what type of skills they bring to the battle and build up their strategy.

Other news by our dev magicians

The back-end has finished implementing skills and is now working towards complete finalization in the Widget. We can expect to see in action native skills for Alpha 0, including blink toss, demolish, build, swap, magnetic pull, and knockback.

Our dev team has also optimized the stat UI design on the Widget, so the representation in the gameplay will follow the maximum stats of each Codyfighter.

Lastly, our UI designer, along with our creative lead, has refined various designs in the mobile version. The latter will guarantee equal visual enjoyment for both desktop and mobile users.

What’s next?

The next sprint for December is taking shape with its main goal to finalize the Widget as well as the refinement of UI. Also, this month our team will start working on a crucial feature towards Alpha 0, mode 0, that will allow players to start testing and playing in Codyfight. Lastly, we can expect a complete integration of skills to the front-end, as well as plenty of testing and bug catching.

Hope you enjoyed our first December article, we are looking forward to the festive season and many surprises are around the corner. See you very soon… and may Legendary Llama be with you!