Weekly development update: Episode 4

4 min readNov 25, 2022

Welcome on board to a new episode of our weekly development series. The only place in the galaxy where you can find the latest updates in Codyfight. In this episode, we will dive into the new features implemented by our dev magicians and explore stats and their impact on the metagame.

Let’s start our development journey!

Previously on the Codyfight development series…

In last week’s article, our dev team continued the integration process of the infrastructure from back-end to front-end. In the meantime, our front-end developers immersed themselves in the Dashboard, working closely with the UI/UX designer to finalize API documentation and Quickstart.

In Episode 3, we also touched upon the importance of skills in the new infrastructure, as well as other new features that bring an important change to the previous Widget. We even revealed some exclusive concepts for the future, so you should definitely check out all the information and exclusives of last week’s update.

Integrating, finalizing, and plenty of workshops

This week our developers are working to finish all the processes related to Game Widget. The integration is still in progress but flows in a good rhythm, with skills being implemented to the front-end and other processes that we discussed in Episode 3 already in action in the game.

Last week’s article had plenty of information related to different systems and features that will elevate the game’s meta after their integration. One of them was the turn and round transitioning stack, now successfully integrated from the back-end, allowing players to enjoy a smooth transition from the different actions taken in battle and the movements and spawn of Special Agents. Also, the native skill knockback and the learnable skill push were introduced from the back-end. Other features integrated are an improved scoring system, API endpoints refinement, and public/private profiles. In addition, developers are still fighting and fixing bugs, working closely for optimal integration of the new features.

As for the front-end, CKey API key regeneration and API endpoints have been optimally adapted, as well as the work from UI/UX has been finalized. This means that all the documentation and designs have been completed: quick-start, profiles, and alpha v1 widget design have all been integrated and are already running on Codyfight.

However, one of the biggest updates and crucial to the metagame is the hp/durability deduction, which will be able to turn around the way players interact with entities in Codyfight, as well as how they choose to strategize on the battlefield.

Stats and their relationship to the metagame

Stats are one of the most important parts of any Codyfighter and bring together the topics we have discussed in our weekly series, including special tiles, skills, action stack, and damage dealing system. Without energy, a Codyfighter cannot cast skills, without HP a Codyfighter dies in the round, and without durability, Codyfighters lose their ability to fight. Therefore the update on HP/durability highly impacts the metagame.

Stats are key in terms of playability as players can trace their strategy based on them. As mentioned in last week’s episode, the new damage dealing system causes Codyfighters that lose HP to also lose the round, and players that lose durability the complete demolition of their Codyfighter. This also opens the door to strategize on the battle, for example, if a Codyfighter does not have much durability left, the opponent can focus on bringing it down so they can win the whole game. Also, players can receive points if they knock their opponent’s HP and on the contrary, lose points if they are defeated. Special Agents can also damage or kill Codyfighters. If the Ripper hits critical 999 damage, Codyfighters that have more than 1k durability can survive to the next round. However, if they lack durability, they will die in the round.

But let’s not forget the complexity of Codyfight’s meta. Except for durability, the rest of the stats can be regenerated, either by a new round, stepping on a special tile, skills, or even through interaction with a Special Agent. Players can also plan their strategy according to the skills and the type of stats that their Codyfighter has. In this sense, each Codyfighter has a unique combination of stats based on their rarity. While some might have more armor and HP, others can have less HP and armor, but other abilities.

The new update will allow Codyfighters to strategize based on the damage they can take and how their character will respond. They will also be able to win or lose points based on their battle performance and might require extra CTOK to repair their Codyfighter if their durability is completely destroyed.

A new adventure in the horizon

As developers focus on the Widget, its finalization will not only symbolize a milestone for the team but also an important milestone on the road map as preparations for Alpha 0 begin.

This process will include close collaboration between developers, as well as a quality assurance process to test that the integration is running smoothly and that players will finally be able to enjoy the new features and updates on the Widget.

We know that you are excited to see all the possibilities of the game, and we are working hard in delivering them. In the meantime, you can expect a big surprise next week where you will be able to see for the first time the changes that we have been talking about in our weekly series.

Looking forward to catching up with you next week, and may Legendary Llama be with you!