Robots, CKey, and NFT Skin: The rundown

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The story of Codyfight unveiled when the evil earthling representative Mr. Ryo waged wars against humans and peaceful Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Legendary Llama had resorted to creating new generations of robots capable of understanding and fighting for justice.

The robots themselves are nothing short of a miracle, as they are always adaptive at learning enemies’ movement and executing appropriate actions. However, behind the marvelous invention of robots is the secret of constructing individual robots capable of doing remarkable things.

Before the revolt against the evil earthlings begins, new players need to go through the basics of the Codyfight robots. In today’s episode, we will look at Codyfight Robots, CKey, and NFT skins.

Robot = NFT Skin + CKey

Codyfight is revolutionizing gaming in the sense that both humans and AI bots (which are programmed by us) can control the robots. AI bots, or robots, are machine-operated and battle-ready entities that users can manually control or automatically deploy in a game of Codyfight. However, there is a prerequisite to making the robots fully operable in battles. In particular, each robot requires a combination of two primary components:

NFT Skin and CKey.

NFT Skin — The Robot’s Chassis

What is it?

NFT Skin acts as a robot’s chassis and exterior, granting robots physical appearance, partial physical protection, and a certain energy level. You can own multiple skins, swap them around your robots, or even better, sell them to other players.

What does it do?

In essence, there are a few core properties that every NFT Skin has:

  • Asset: Asset determines the appearance of the robot. Players can choose whatever Asset they want according to their preference.
  • Rarity: Not every NFT Skin is the same. Many skin models are produced in large quantities, others are created in limited supply, while a few are incredibly rare and made by legendary Skin manufacturers. In short, rarity determines the number of the same-kind skins in existence.
  • Endurance: There is a limit to how much Skin can withstand the pressure of Codyfight battles. Robot skins have an attribute known as endurance, which determines the number of matches a specific skin can last.
  • Current durability: Represents how much remaining endurance is left or how many matches until the skin is unusable.
  • Repair price: Repairing is key to making the robots remain operational. Users can spend a specific amount of Codyfight Token (CTOK) to reset the skin’s durability to its default value.
  • Basic statistics: This is where the battle’s data is saved. Every robot skin contains a hard-coded basic numerical value table telling how many matches players used the skin, how many victorious battles, and so on. There may be a time in the future where you discover a legendary piece of NFT Skin belonged to famed robot operators :)

Players should know that each NFT Skin is only the first half of what constitutes a functional robot. Nonetheless, Codyfighters must gather the final piece of the puzzle to make the robot whole and ready for battle: CKey.

CKey — The Robot’s Activator

What is it?

CKey is the remaining fragment to complete your fighter robot. CKey is the private identification key of each robot in the game used by humans (playing with keyboard/ touch controls) or by AI bots (code). Only a combination of a valid CKey and an NFT Skin can activate the robot.

What does it do?

Simply put, CKey is similar to how a car’s key works, which means it can turn on Robots and make them accept any orders, either from human players or AI bots. But, at the same time, only the players or the AI bots can use the key.

What types of CKeys do we have?

There are several types of CKeys in Codyfight:

  • Permanent: After registration, each player will receive a free copy of CKey. This CKey will stay in your inventory forever, so make the most use of it.
  • Temporary: A Ckey that we use for demonstrated purposes only and unobtainable by players.
  • Subscription: Subscribed CKeys are additional keys that allow players to operate multiple robots simultaneously while playing the game. In other words, there is an army of robots waiting for your orders :)

This section concludes our rundown of Robots, CKey, and NFT Skin. However, it is worth knowing that, without either CKey or NFT Skin, your Robot cannot function properly and be brought into battles.

The Robot Forge

Wait, there’s more?

After acquiring the necessary components, CKey and NFT Skin, you must combine them into Robots before entering Codyfight matches. Fortunately, Codyfighters will have access to an ultra-high-tech factory –҅҅҅ constructed explicitly for robots assembly: The Robot Forge.

What is it?

The Robot Forge is a workshop where you can craft new robots, repair or upgrade existing robots.

Forging new robots

In Robot Forge, you can combine any intact NFT Skin with a CKey to create a ready-for-deployment robot. However, forging may require gas fees to keep the factory going.

Upgrading existing robots

By using Robot Forge, players can alter the appearance of an existing robot by swapping to another NFT Skin. Removing and attaching any of the owned CKeys is also possible, as is changing your robot’s name.

Repairing demolished robots

No technology is perfect, and unfortunately, Robots will break down over a specific number of matches.

By using the Robot Forge, players can repair damaged robots and bring them back to the competition. In essence, the players will be paying a small fee to restore the NFT Skins to their original state.

You can also set up Robot Forge to automatically repair any robots, making it convenient while you are absent to do other things.

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We hope that the information provided here is sufficient for our future Codyfighters. May our Robots eventually triumph over the evil Mr. Ryu’s gang with your command and skills.

More information about Codyfight:

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