Partnership announcement: DeQuest x Codyfight

3 min readJul 29, 2022


We’re proud to announce the partnership with DeQuest!

DeQuest is a questing platform with a built-in reputation system for the metaverse. As part of this partnership, DeQuest is developing a quest line for Codyfight introducing the game’s mechanics and strategy guides in order to jump into this up-and-coming human vs AI combat game.

DeQuest will release useful use cases and functionality for Codyfight Soulbound Token holders on its platform as it introduces new capabilities. When the beta game and related quests go live, be prepared to pick up your Codyfight Soulbound Tokens as exclusive communities and events are undoubtedly on the table.

The Partnership Details

A partnership with DeQuest always includes knowledge sharing and jointly supporting each other in working for the common goal of developing web3.

Working alongside Codyfight, DeQuest aims to develop useful tools that will bring value to every player by encouraging the completion of quests, joining a guild and/or participating in high-level tournaments and activities. DeQuest will also be providing an easy way for our users to find NFTs with a direct integration on the DeQuest platform for those games where NFTs of them are represented on Codyfight.

In addition, you can expect a collaboration between DeQuest and Codyfight on a variety of exposure-boosting social media posts, cross-community AMAs, and overall mutual project support. The GameFi and P2E scene is becoming a large community, and we’re all here to assist each other and allow for the community to grow!

About DeQuest

They are the first multi-chain and cross-metaverse GameFi platform that verifies the achievements, activities, and behaviors of Metaverse citizens. DeQuest introduces playful ways to evaluate, build upon, and verify these to create a reputation layer for the Metaverse.

v1 — By completing quests related to your user persona and the games that fit your character, you can earn experience points (XP), badges (Soulbound Tokens), and non-monetary as well as monetary incentives. The quests we offer include content and activities that let you learn basic skills about web3 gaming in our Skill tree paths.

v2 — Stay tuned DeQuest is on the path of becoming the largest GameFi Hub.

Find out more about DeQuest on their website.

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About Codyfight

Codyfight is a turn-based RPG where tech-savvy people can use any programming language to create sophisticated AI bots within an unending metagame.

The marketplace where artists may sell their specially made skins, whose value increases over time by completing in-game objectives and accumulating resources and commodities.

Where any imaginative user may create their own games using pre-existing resources like robots, special agents, map tiles, battle skills, goods, and resources.

Codyfight is redefining the idea of gaming by eliminating the grind and bringing new and intuitive gameplay mechanics. While most games include overly repetitive gameplay, Codyfight encourages players to pick the AI side and automate play for the greatest possible gaming experience. The website’s games can be played using the keyboard by non-coders. The community is able to compete with one another, develop, sell, and trade NFT skins, as well as code AI bots.

Find out more about Codyfight on their Website, Telegram, Discord and Twitter.




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