Internal AMA (Part 2): The team behind Codyfight

3 min readMar 30, 2022


Everything has a beginning. Even our humble team of people aspiring to make a small video game for everyone eagerly wants to learn to code joyfully.

We started Codyfight as a team of three people — two software engineers and one artist. Even from the beginning, we had pretty much all the manpower needed to develop a competitive AI vs. Human game. We made an MVP (Minimum viable product) and tested it with our friends. We wrote several bots and had a lot of fun, but felt that the game was not fully ready for a bigger audience.

We started our fundraising process, closed our private round, and got ourselves a new opportunity to grow the team and hire professionals who know how to make and expand this game. At the moment, we have 13 people who work full time and cover the most critical areas in game development.

To begin with, we have a solid creative department with four people, one of whom is a senior game artist and the team’s leader. The other three consist of a game artist, UX designer, and graphic designer. We have a user interface and experience (UX) specialist responsible for creating what the users can see on the game website.

In terms of the development team, we have six members. Andrius is the CEO, but he also participates in the development process. Danas is the CTO, and he leads the primary game development.

Andrius and Danas have a lot of experience in back-end programming, as they both had previous careers and worked in different tech companies. In addition, Andrius had a master’s degree in games and media technology. So with the two of them in Codyfight, we definitely know how to make video games from the technical side.

One of the most important members is our game designer, who will envision what should happen within the game, which frameworks to use, how the characters interact, and many more. Ultimately, we have to combine all of the aspects above and materialize Codyfight.

Then, we have a front-end developer responsible for the website user interface, where the actual gameplay happens. One of us is a game developer who will work exclusively on the visuals, including in-game interaction, interface, and visual rendering. Anyway, Codyfight wouldn’t exist without our blockchain developer. He makes all of the smart contracts and integration of blockchain within Codyfight. Well, that’s it for our development team (We are hiring back-end developers! Drop us a message if you are interested!).

Last but not least, we have three people in the marketing department. Vainius is the leader, Linas is the marketing manager, and Aivaras is the social media graphic designer. Still, he also partially works on game development.

Finally, we have a significant person within our team — Greta. She’s our COO, and she provides aid to both the marketing and creative department and helps connect people through HR work.

The Codyfight team is not small by any means. However, we fully trust and work in tandem with each other, and we believe that we can make Codyfight the best NFT coding game in the industry.

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