Get rewarded for your support: Introducing Llamoons! 🦙🌕

2 min readJan 17


Missions are a challenge, and all around the universe, Earthlings do their very best to complete the lavish Codyfight events. We appreciate your participation and support, and now, it’s time to get rewarded for your bravery.

We are excited to introduce the Llamoons point system! A new system in Discord where you will get points for completing tasks, participating in different activities, and engaging with other community members.

Discover how you can earn “Llamoons” and the rewards you can unlock with their powers!

Winning Llamoons

Start collecting Llamoons by participating and engaging in different activities in Codyfight, like taking part in our social media campaigns, attending our Twitter Spaces, creating fan art, organizing games, and overall supporting the project. The more you participate and engage within the community, the more Llamoons you will earn. Greater tasks and successful activities will grant higher rewards. If you go big, we will also go big in return! In addition, you will be featured in our Codyfight leaderboard where you will be able to see your rank within the community.

Submitting Llamoons

Once you collect enough Llamoons, you can exchange them for one of our merch items, a customized piece of art, or an Alpha invitation. To claim your reward, connect with one of our staff members and send the number of Llamons collected, the item you claim, and your address. Don’t worry Earthling, our sonars will take care of transmitting the real deal straight to your door.

Exchanging Llamoons

Wait, but what rewards can I claim? And how many Llamoons do I need? Good questions Earthling, the treasures behind the Llamoons are multiple and come in all shapes and forms:

  • Set of Codyfight Stickers — 10.000 Llamons
  • Set of Cards — 30.000 Llamoons
  • Hoodie — 50.000 Llamoons
  • Alpha invitation — 15.000 Llamoons
  • Customized illustration by Codyfight’s artist — 60.000 Llamoons

Start participating in the Llamoons extravaganza and collect your points! We are looking forward to seeing you wearing and showing off your amazing merchandise. And for those with Alpha invitations… we will see you on the battlefield.





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