Weekly development update: Episode 1

3 min readNov 5, 2022

Welcome to our new weekly series where we will be covering the updates in the Codyfight universe. We will review the latest features, as well as provide exclusive information straight from our development department.

But before starting with our up-to-date news, we will be clarifying some concepts that will serve as a keystone to understanding the process and the tasks that each of our team members performs.


Our team works in sprints under the SCRUM methodology. This allows the department to be efficient in their communication as well as establish short and long-term goals based on complexity. The development of the game is established within these sprints and the different team members coordinate to fulfill tasks.

Back-end vs Front-end

To grasp how the different developers perform behind-the-scenes tasks, it’s crucial to distinguish what this terminology means.

  • Back-end development: Deals with the most logical part of the game. It sustains the infrastructure of Codyfight.
  • Front-end development: Deals with the visual aspect of the code and allows its representation to the user.

Current state and what’s to come

Codyfight is currently working on a new base infrastructure for special tiles that strive to create dynamic gameplay and a more fun metagame experience.

The infrastructure is set to develop an easier framework to introduce new features as well as to implement certain updates quicker, serving as a canvas for all the amazing skills as well as for the special tiles that will ultimately allow the player to enjoy an immersive game.

Some exciting tiles that we can expect in Codyfight very soon include HP regenerator, Energy regenerator, Armor regenerator, Directional sliders, and even 2-way teleport.

The importance of action stacking through the new infrastructure

One of the highlights of the new infrastructure is action stacking. The latter will not only provide an easier framework to correct bugs and malfunctioning aspects but a clear representation of actions taken in-game for the user.

Players will now be able to connect different events in their rounds, so each action they take will have follow-up consequences in the battle, elevating the gameplay and allowing the user to rethink their strategy and challenge himself.

This introduces a brand new wave of playing in Codyfight as previously, events were disconnected and the actions taken did not reflect on long-term consequences within the game. Now, an action can trigger in-game characters to beat their opponent or on the other hand, to lose the fight, for example getting slayed by The Ripper if they are pushed by another player.

Improving user enjoyment through a solid framework

Our team is currently setting up strong systems and infrastructures so new features can adapt smoothly to the game and generate a fun experience for both API players and manual ones.

Special tiles and skills will bring a new era to the game and open the door to endless metagame possibilities. While skills will elevate a player’s strategy, tiles will spice up the game and impact the user’s behaviors on the battlefield. They will be containing different features as well as delayed actions that can trigger butterfly effects on the Arena and heavily impact a game.

A solid framework will allow users to enjoy constant updates, as well as see their ideas incorporated into the direction of the game. We are working hard and very excited for you to discover how every piece of the puzzle will create the powerful game we envision.


Thank you for catching up, you can connect with us through our social media and discover our events and latest endeavors.

Until next week, and may Legendary Llama be with you!