Codyfight’s latest news: Development update special episode!

5 min readJan 23, 2023


Long time, no see.

The cold season left a space in all of our hearts in terms of updates. But as we mentioned in our previous articles, it was just temporary.

Our devs’ are back and ready to deliver all the hard work they have been putting in for the last couple of months. So without further ado, let’s review what our dream team has been cooking up because the whole kitchen is flaming with the smell of delicious updates in this special episode.

Previously on the Codyfight development series…

It’s been a while without updates, so now more than ever let’s do a quick catch-up on where we left off previously.

During the festive season, our devs decorated their computers with Christmas lights and kept grinding on the infamous Widget. We explained in previous updates, how most of the resources were focused on finalizing the Widget as well as its UI. In this regard, we are proud to say that the team has been able to successfully finalize the task.

Now the Widget is completely functional with a slick design, user-friendly interface, and especially, loads of fun stored on its meta.

Also, our developers were left on a refactoring craze of the legacy code, a long process, but it finally gave its sweet juice, an improvement on the overall quality of the game. Speaking of quality, some of the major bugs have been fixed, so now our developers can finally breathe in peace.

Lastly, December was also a month of testing, organizing, and clean-ups. Our devs took some time to do automatic game testing, removal of internal bots, code cleanups, and guidelines regarding testing and onboarding players. And in this article, we will be tackling some of these issues.

New Discord system, Llamoons introduced!

We introduced a new system on our Discord server, Llamoons! Now the community will be able to win points for their engagement and participation on our socials, and exchange them for real-life rewards!

Check out our latest article, where we explain all the ways you can earn llamoons, as well as the treasures behind the points.

Onboarding players, a golden milestone

In our December article, we mentioned how the team was preparing for onboarding players in Codyfight. Therefore, the past month has been heavily dedicated to this activity, as it symbolizes one of the first big milestones in the project. Some players will test out the game for the first time, and therefore, this process requires close communication and cooperation from all departments.

The first steps of the process have been achieving Alpha 0, a state of the game especially catered for the new public, where the Widget has been polished, as well as different features have been introduced to make the best experience possible for our novel users. The procedure also counted with the introduction of temporary CKeys to encourage new players to test out the game, as well as promote its competitive aspect, leaving a taste for more in those who engage with the game.

To inspire communities and players to test out the project, several events will be organized, promoting friendly competition, and also seeking out constructive feedback from our testers. This feedback will be collected and later on implemented in the game. As we have stated in the past, governance is highly important for our project, and therefore, we will be taking into consideration all commentaries regarding the game and keep working hard to have the best product possible when it is launched to the public market.

Dynamic ranking system

December allowed Codyfight to focus on coding and building, but also on improving some of the key characteristics of the game. In regards to the latter, we are excited to introduce a new ranking system, a dynamic, and accurate barometer of our competitive environment. Previously, rankings did not fully showcase the performance of players, however, with the introduction of this new system, things are about to change.

The system is based on the win-rate percentage of players. This essentially means that players will have to win a certain amount of games to maintain their status. The win-rate percentage has two boundaries, an upward trend or a downward trend. To maintain a certain rank, players will have to deliver a successful performance. If that performance increases, players will be up-ranked. However, if a player’s performance decreases and their win rate becomes worse, they will be downranked. This system assures that players keep fighting to stay in their ranks, as well as constantly experience the competition. Even, inactivity can be a cause of de-ranking above the 4th level, which means that players will need to constantly engage in battles to maintain their power.

Each player will be evaluated on their global performance and will go up or down based on their performance. The higher the rank, the higher the number of games with a successful win rate to go up, and the fewer number of games to be de-ranked.

This ranking is flexible and serves to maintain a balance between the community, as well as incentivizes competition, and self-improvement.

AI keeps progressing: internal bots

Before players step up in the Codyfight universe, our internal bots are already battling in the Arena and acting as a surveillance system for possible errors.

While this might not seem like a huge improvement, it is. Our devs have introduced bots in the game that are constantly playing and therefore, triggering possible bugs and other malfunctioning aspects. This saves plenty of time for devs, as bots are constantly notifying about the flaws in both the production and development servers. And these bots are acting as any regular player would, moving, casting skills, and battling each other.

However, the plan now is to increase the complexity of internal bots. As the game evolves, bots will also need to be adapted to new features and circumstances. That’s the magic of Codyfight, AI will always need to be adapted as the game progresses, creating new challenges for devs and also maintaining a balance with regular players.

The bot surveillance comes with an overall improvement of the workflow, where all the new features are tested automatically and reviewed to guarantee a good experience for future players.

Creative update, a tale of animations

As for creative updates, December was dedicated to the future NFT collection in Codyfight. The process was slow but the Codyfighters are now looking slick, and we are sure players will enjoy their authentic and unique aesthetics.

However, with Alpha 0 in the wound, the shift has been focused on creating gameplay animations. Some of the skills and special tiles implemented in the game will have their unique animations helping players identify the actions of the game, and creating a greater visual experience.

Lastly, our creative lead is also improving some of the UI elements in our Widget, like skill icons, buttons, health bars, timers, and some other minor details.

Glad to be back…

We are pleased to be back on track with updates and hope that you are as excited as we are about all the content coming up, and the very succulent news we will be revealing in the near future.

Thanks for catching up, we will see you very very soon. Until then, may Legendary Llama be with you!