The Play2Earn business model is the latest development in the game industry that pairs two concepts: entertainment and business.

  • Business:

Play2Earn is a concept that allows players to generate rewards in the form of crypto income by contributing to a certain game world. Players are constantly creating value for other players, investors, and developers, by contributing to the economy inside the game and keeping an active and balanced ecosystem where different parts are benefited. Each game’s mechanism is different, but the principle is the same: get rewards that come from staking, farming, or generating tradeable NFT items. The benefits from the in-game activities generate benefits for the different parts involved and it is an important part of why the play-to-earn business model is successful, and a powerful combination with blockchain technology.

  • Entertainment:

Players can play competitive games and contribute through numerous challenges and activities. These games have a difference from traditional gaming, decentralization. This essentially means that developers are not able to control everything and the in-game assets are distributed and controlled by players. Players will have the choice to control many aspects of the game, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy areas unexplored by traditional gaming. For example, they can earn rewards that have real-world value and sell them for cryptocurrency or real money.

The future of video games

Traditional gaming seems to have decreased interest among gamers. Most games, especially those made by the older generation of developers, ultimately limit the capacities of gamers. They do not give ownership of player assets, offer few opportunities, and require a constant engagement that points to one discipline or skill set. That’s why the Play2Earn experience is becoming more and more popular.

Creative tech-savvy players lack simple and accessible opportunities to contribute to games and earn from their contributions. Gaming enthusiasts are usually inclined to create media-related products for their favorite games, including artistic drawings, music, videos, community events, and so on. However, most of the time they are very limited in their creative efforts or have to use third-party platforms like YouTube or Twitch.

In a recent interview for the podcast “Where it happens”, Alexis Ohanian, Reddit’s co-founder expressed that the P2E experience is the future of the gaming industry and in a few years, 90% of games will be entirely based on the P2E experience. This is due to the demand of players to earn benefits for their time and contributions to the different games.

The gaming industry is currently a vast industry where only the best players earn benefits as most of the communities receive no rewards or income from their efforts and contributions to the games. The lack of opportunities creates a situation where only a few can afford their passion for games and the rest of the gamers are left out because they are not good enough. In 2021 there were only about 2,000 pro-gamers worldwide who could afford to live in the game industry.

Ohanian believes that players will be immersed in the P2E experience instead of harvesting and grinding in traditional video games that do not offer earning experiences. At the end of the day, the range of benefits that these games provide, affects players’ inside and outside the game as trading NFTs can be performed outside of the gameplay, as well as crypto tokens, can be exchanged for real-world currency.

But Ohanian is not the only one with these ideas regarding the P2E. In our recent talk with Danas, CTO of Codyfight, he shared the same prospects when it comes to Play to Earn. As the CEO of Codyfight, he believes that the route for the gaming industry falls into the upcoming features of the industry, ultimately based on an open space for players where contributing and earning income in various forms will be the natural in-game experience.

Big developers are choosing the P2E experience

The video game industry has increased the ratio of players over the past years. Not only that, but the pandemic has also contributed to a higher enjoyment of video games and the prospect of creating a career out of the gameplay experience and the contributions to a certain game field.

This has been noticed by the AAA mainstream gaming developers, who have expressed their interest in NFT gaming. Final Fantasy developers as well as Square Enix president both have considered their interest in P2E gaming and in including NFTs in their games. This just proves that blockchain technology and the NFT market are a great niche for video game enthusiasts.

The problems of Play2Earn

However, the P2E industry comes with a lot of problems that are simply overlooked. For example, the fee entrance of many Play to Earn games is a barrier for many gamers with lower-level earnings that won’t have the opportunity to showcase their talent.

Another important issue is the fact that many games do not offer the opportunity for players to create and collaborate on the in-game experience. Also, these games do not allow being creative and earning rewards according to the player’s efforts showcased in the game.


Codyfight is a blockchain-based AI vs human competition metaverse home to creative, tech-savvy, and multi-talented people in a community-driven game. Its goal is to become an open space for competitive gaming as well as a community of players where efforts and contributions are paid with rewards.

Codyfight is an innovative approach to the P2E gaming experience, as it is based on the following principles:

  • Codyfight does not have high entrance fees on the game:

Codyfight aims to make competitive gaming more profitable for everyone involved. Players can host and spectate tournaments in which royalties are distributed across the entire community of gamers, tournament organizers, spectators, and game publishers.

The platform continuously rewards users with crypto tokens for competing in the game arena, drawing skins, developing bots, organizing tournaments, or just casually playing the game. Even novice players can enjoy the game and earn rewards.

  • Codyfight is based on community contribution and creativity

Codyfight presents a new concept in the P2E experience, Create 2 Earn. This is based on the principle of community inputs and challenges for different types of gamers. Artists will be encouraged to create skins for robots and sell them in the marketplace. Codyfight robots’ skins will be sold as digital collectibles or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and they will be certified for their artists with a guarantee of rarity and value. All of these skins will be owned by the player and will be tradeable outside of the game.

The game is also a great opportunity for programmers, as they will be able to code as many different AI robots and create the so-called robot farms. These bots can then compete against others simultaneously and earn rewards on their behalf. Something that other P2E game experiences have not been able to incorporate fully into the gameplay experience.

  • Codyfight is inclusive and the future of Play to Earn

Codyfight is a browser-based game with a user-friendly interface yet challenging AI programming, as well as a turn-based strategy with unique mechanics. It leverages AI to challenge players at their skill level. Even players without coding knowledge will be able to play.

The lines between gaming and working have become blurred as an increasing number of people now list tech-savvy as one of their various interests and talents. Codyfight provides users the opportunity to experience and learn from its complex yet fascinating ecosystem where they will be constantly rewarded, and if playing efficiently, able to maximize benefits and enjoy a game-play experience that goes beyond the boundaries of the game and offers real-life opportunities.



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Blockchain-powered P2E AI vs. human competition metaverse where you can develop AI bots, own tradable NFT skins and compete against others