Codyfight arena: how does it work?

7 min readNov 14, 2021

Competitive Arena is a living & beating heart of the Codyfight platform. It’s the place where the majority of exciting “action” takes place. It functions as an adrenaline-fueled engine that boosts the entire Codyfight ecosystem.

The game itself functions as an online turn-based strategy with one-on-one battles and a focus on AI coding. Think of chess on steroids, but with unique mechanics, a 4D level of challenge, and, most importantly, the opportunity to earn very real money by being a great player. Here’s the twist: even not-so-great players leave our Arena with a bag of gold.

How Does it Work?

The players own and operate multiple robots who fight it out for them in an Arena and earn them glory and gold. Codyfight will reward the players with valuable Codyfight crypto tokens (CTOK) for competing in the game arena, drawing skins, building bots, organizing tournaments, or playing the game just for fun.

Each player can own multiple robots which are given individual rankings based on their performance.

These robotic avatars are key protagonists in battles against other players. The robots are controlled via API (AI player) or the website (human player). Advanced AI programming allows each participant to up their game and create their own AI bots with the help of the programming language they know. In other words, each player can code their own bot to automate playing by choosing the AI side. Say goodbye to grinding as a way to improve your standing, as these AI bots can fight your battles and win you prizes while you sleep.

More ambitious players will be able to scale multiple robot farms to maximize their rewards, not unlike what the crypto miners do when using multiple machines.

Rewards Galore

The game can be run through the browser with a user-friendly interface and support for the game widget.

Codyfight is all about community and accessibility, which means that even players without coding knowledge will be able to play it. While having a bot or a party of bots duke it out for you in the Arena is great, it’s perfectly fine if you want to get your own hands dirty as well — yes, you are free to take control of the robot while using a keyboard or touchscreen and enjoy the game just as well. Enjoy and earn money, let’s not forget that one.

This is why we do not want Codyfight to turn into yet another platform for professional gamers only — with our custom reward system, even the less proficient players, no less than 40% of them will get a fair chance to earn valuable rewards for their performance. To spice things up even more adrenaline-wise, Codyfight allows you to spectate any Codyfight match at any given time.

Finally, what prevents you from monetizing your favorite (or more profitable) robot? Feel free to sell ’em or rent ’em to investors who can either buy the source code from you or take control of their new metal warriors immediately.

Mastering the Metagame

Good, but how does this look in practice i.e. on your screen? Most of the time you will see a 2D map with robots navigating in real-time. The map consists of tiles, with a select few of them having special abilities. The robots are rewarded for executing smart and lethal actions against their opponents each turn.

Is that all?

No, you’ll have to find your ways to deal with randomly spawned special agents (or are they really that random? solve this puzzle and get the cake) that can net you even greater rewards.

This is where the complex metagame system enters the stage to up the stakes. This metagame is controlled by the Codyfight development team. They will handle the management and the release of new Special Agents, map tiles, special player abilities, etc. The Codyfight is more than a dungeon master here — it will keep the game balance both healthy and challenging each time.

How does this work for players? It’s simple, you choose your strategy and try to stick with it or change it on the fly. You can, for example, choose to play without seeking to win but rather prolong the match. In this manner, you can increase your chances of encountering the Special Agent Llama for bonus rewards.

Put the fabled Agent Llama in a cage and you will get more valuable Codyfight tokens than you would have by simply winning the game. Just remember that the amount of the reward is calculated by an algorithm that checks the overall amount of games played in our competitive arenas.

Your AI-powered bots are your key allies again since the more adaptive among them will be able to learn/decode the behavior of both special agents and tiles with your minimal involvement.

Enter the Arena

To enter the game, the players have to pay the entry fee in CTickets. Each robot will also have CKey as a game access identification key (or API key in the case of developers) in addition to its NFT skin. Each CKey grants access to an additional robot for a player and can be acquired by paying a subscription fee in CTOK tokens.

The game-winner gets the prize pool and the percentage of it goes to Codyfight. Bear in mind that you can also trade with NFT skins & AI robot software through a dedicated marketplace to get an additional source of passive income.

As for the gaming modes, Codyfight gives you access to three matchmaking modes: you can play against the custom players, random players, and in a competitive arena with rank-based matchmaking. Codyfight is big on the community, so active members will profit from organizing community tournaments for other players. To make competitive gaming more profitable for everyone, players can host tournaments with royalties being distributed across the entire community of gamers, tournament organizers, spectators, and game publishers.

Testing your mettle against other top-ranking players in an Arena involves defining players’ entry fee, prize pool, and commission.

Each arena match costs 1 CTicket or 1 Daily Ticket as an entry fee. As described above, the more you learn and understand new map tiles and behaviors of Special Agents, the more skill you acquire for playing and developing your AI bots.

I, Robot, and This Rank of Mine

Codyfight Arena features a highly dynamic ranking system with rewards depending on your robot’s competitor rank. There are a total of 11 [0–10] robot ranks. Based on this system, a robot’s rank always reflects its current skill level and performance. To advance (rank up) players have to win x % out of n matches. Accordingly, robots are ranked down when failing to maintain a determined win-rate y % out of matches. Staying on top of your game (and the rank list) will take much effort, but this comes with equally attractive rewards.

To ease the admission of new players and reward the loyal gamers, the ranking system has its own perks:

· #0–4 ranks — players can use Daily Tickets (free resource given out each day) to get access to the game, with CTickets being used as game rewards.

· #5–10 ranks — players use CTickets to enter the games, while Codyfight Tokens (CTOK) are given out as rewards. Players withdraw their rewards (earnings) to the crypto wallet of their choice.

CTicket has a fixed price, with the prize pool from the 5th rank onwards depending on your rank, and the multiplier included. Based on the robot’s uptime i.e. the number of matches played per day and its rank, even the so-called mediocre players with a 60% win rate per month can earn up from 150 to 1500+ USD worth of Codyfight Token (CTOK) with a single robot. Just remember that these numbers are calculated for a player with one robot, with each additional bot being able to net you an even larger amount of rewards!

Rewards can vary up to x1.9 prize pool multiplier based on the rank as shown below. It is important to mention that it is a rank which will be used in the very beginning and will change in the future.

As the game develops and wins over new legions of players, World Championships will be organized with appropriately attractive rewards.

Community Tournaments

A community tournament is an event that celebrates the decentralized character of our platform while fostering community engagement. Participating in these tournaments will provide an opportunity for players to earn valuable rewards (Codyfight Token (CTOK), NFT skins, and so on) in a much faster manner.

To help things out, we will offer a set of accessible planning tools for these custom events. With them, you can customize your gameplay sessions and add (or remove) balancing features to meet the expectations of your crowd. Everyone is invited to either play or organize these tournaments and get a fair share of the prize pool gathered from the participants.

Every tournament has its own entry fee for participants. These fees form a prize pool that is shared by the tournament’s best-performing robots. The tournament organizer gets a percentage of the pool as a reward. Player rewards and a prize cut for the organizer are fully transparent and Codyfight gives you full freedom to set up these events as you like it.


With championships, the best robots in their skill group (rank) fight each other for greater rewards as part of regular events. They feature unconventional prizes, including NFT drops, Codyfight Token (CTOK) rewards, and free additional permanent CKeys.

Special Events

To attract more players and reward its community’s dedication, Codyfight will periodically organize special events. Players participating in these events will compete for much more valuable prizes than what is usually found on the offer in the Arena.

Public holiday events

We at Codyfight use every opportunity to celebrate all holidays and turn them into memorable and engaging events. On these occasions, be it Christmas, Halloween, or Hanukkah, we may add or eliminate Special Agents, change maps and step up the challenge of the metagame. Expect the unexpected.

Mini Games

To shake things up even more, we will give you access to various mini-games with rewards that, despite their name, can be hardly described as “mini”. These include Codyfight Tokens (CTOK), additional permanent CKeys, unique and limited NFT skins, and more. Stay on the lookout for these games to pop up whenever you check the platform.