AI integration: Program your own AI robot farm and profit!

3 min readJan 12, 2022


The traditional approach to P2E gameplay

The term P2E (short for play-to-earn or Play2Earn) refers to a concept in gaming where a video game gives its players a chance to earn and own most, if not all, forms of in-game assets that can translate into a valuable resource in the real world.

So basically, players have a chance to gain revenues just by simply playing video games. Participating in the in-game ecosystem generates assets and, in turn, creates value for other players and the developer. Such assets are often tokenized on the blockchain, making the play-to-earn business model suitable for implementation in blockchain games.

A challenger awaits

However, one common problem associated with P2E games is that players must do a lot of grinding for rewards such as decent items or good ranking. This means they will have to spend a fair amount of time engaging directly with the game, which can feel quite like a repetitive chore over time, making the game itself less fun. Codyfight, however, offers an alternative approach.

Codyfight revolutionizes P2E gaming by eliminating the need for grinding. Instead, we give our players the option to write code and automate smart AI robots to play the game automatically.

A chance to go even further beyond

If your code performs exceptionally well, your AI bots should already be raking in a lot of tokens! But sometimes, the rewards might still not be quite gratifying enough. In that case, Codyfight offers a way to scale up such rewards even MORE.

Players can multiply the number of robots they own by acquiring a subscription for several CKeys. If you have forgotten or don’t know what a CKey is, it basically serves as an activator for a robot — 1 CKey + 1 NFT Skin = 1 Robot (for a more detailed refresher on CKey and its role, visit our guide here). With various robots in possession, you can build robot farms and order them to fight in the arena simultaneously for even more rewards.

A convenient way to manage your robot script

Of course, the veterans among us could opt for writing a separate script for every single robot, but this is not explicitly required to run your robot farm.

You can completely manage all of your robots under a single piece of code — a perfectly viable strategy to conveniently and efficiently farm for rewards.

To sum it up:

  • Codyfight revolutionizes P2E gameplay by allowing players to deploy smart AIs for automatically grinding for rewards.
  • But wait, there’s more! Players can also expand by making robot farms with multiple CKeys, scaling up their earnings even more.

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